Results 2022

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June 10th: H.O.R.S.E.
Entrants: 32
Total Prize Pool: $5248
Buy-In: $200
1stDan Fox (MD) $1248
2ndAndy Bartalone (MD) $1000
3rdChris Kojack (MD) $1000
4thDennis McGlynn (MD) $1000
5thBruce Altner (MD) $1000

The final 5 players opted to do a chop for $1000 each and then play down to the end for the standings and trophies with 1st place getting the extra $248.

H.O.R.S.E. Champion

Daniel Fox

June 11th: No Limit Holdem
Entrants: 38
Total Prize Pool: $6232
Buy-In: $200
1stTom Goodwin (PA) $2254
2ndBob Altner (FL) $1358
3rdPete Segal (PA) $835
4thMark Richardson (MA) $686
5thMatthew Portnoy (MD) $499
6thJohn Fontinell (MD) $200
7thBarry Kornspan (NJ) $200
8thDavid Taylor (MD) $200

The final table decided that positions 6,7,8 would get $200 each to win their buyin back. $300 came from first place, $200 from second place and $100 from third place prize winnings to fund the saves. The prizes reflected above account for those deductions.

NL Holdem Champion

Thomas Goodwin

June 12th: PL BigO High/O8
Entrants: 26
Total Prize Pool: $4264
Buy-In: $200
1stChristian Jones (MD) $1919
2ndBob Altner (FL) $1151
3rdEdwards Holliday (MD) $725
4thDavid Taylor (MD) $469
5thAndy Bartalone (MD) $250

The last five players all chipped in $50 each to do a bubble save for 5th, who won $250.

PL BigO High/O8 Champion

Christian Jones