Results 2019

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June 21st: H.O.R.S.E.
Entrants: 50
Total Prize Pool: $5,000
Buy-In: $100+20
1stJeff Bento (MD) $1500
2ndPerry Spies (MD) $1100
3rdJoe Berman (MD) $1025
4thTracy Becker (CT) $475
5thStephen Daniel (MA) $375
6thRon Grossberg (SC) $300
7thNancy Robertson (CA) $225

The final 3 players opted to do an ICM Chop.

HORSE Bust Out List

H.O.R.S.E. Champion

Jeff Bento

June 22nd: Short Deck No Limit Holdem
Entrants: 51
Total Prize Pool: $5260
Buy-In: $100+20
1st Sam Birchem (PA) $1084
2ndTom Abraham (MD) $817
3rd Joe Berman (MD) $768
4thJohn Grout (NJ) $601
5thBarry Kornspan (NJ) $800
6thMike Fujita (NY) $800
7thAllen Stern (FL) $230
8thDave Raszewski (MD) $160

There was a bubble save for $160. The last 6 players did a ICM chop of the remaining prize pool and played on until the end for the trophies and points.

NL Short Deck Holdem Bust Out List

NL Short Deck Holdem Champion

Sam Birchem

June 23rd: PL BigO High/O8
Entrants: 37
Total Prize Pool: $3820
Buy-In: $100+20
1stMasanobu Fujioka (HI) $1517
2ndChristian Jones (MD) $925
3rdMike Fujita (NY) $555
4thMichael Perlmutter (MD) $407
5thRon Lyons (MD) $296
6thJohn Grout (NJ) $120

There was a bubble save for $120.

PLO BigO Bust Out List

PL BigO High/O8 Champion

Masanobu Fujioka