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June 8th: H.O.R.S.E.
Entrants: 49
Total Prize Pool: $4,900
Buy-In: $100+20
1stChristian Jones (MD) $1811
2ndRich Bremer (CA) $1078
3rdMike Mather (MD) $662
4thPerry Spies (MD) $466
5thRon Grossberg (SC) $368
6thTom Kracinovich (NJ) $294
7thJohn Aguirre (MD) $221
HORSE Bust Out List

H.O.R.S.E. Champion

Christian Jones

June 9th: No Limit Holdem
Entrants: 54
Total Prize Pool: $5,400
Buy-In: $100+20
1stRon Grossberg (SC) $1998
2ndPerry Spies (MD) $1188
3rdBrian Reeve (MD) $729
4thTom Abraham (MD) $513
5thScott Byron (NJ) $405
6thStephen Daniel (MA) $324
7thDavid Kuznick (MA) $243

It was an epic multi-hour battle when we got to four handed. Brian Reeve had a huge chip lead. Perry Spies battled and took the chip lead when it got to three. In the end, Ron Grossberg ended up with all the chips.
NL Holdem Bust Out List

No Limit Holdem Champion

Ron Grossberg

June 10th: PL BigO High/O8
Entrants: 36
Total Prize Pool: $3,600
Buy-In: $100+20
1stJohn Aguirre (MD) $983
2ndDennis McGlynn (MD) $938
3rdThanh Thai (MD) $766
4thDavid Kuznick (MA) $625
5thChristian Jones (MD) $288


The final 4 players opted to do an ICM Chop.

PL BigO High/O8 Bust Out List

PL BigO High/O8 Champion

John Aguirre